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Revamp Your Online Presence: The Benefits of a Website Refresh

Revamp Your Online Presence:  The Benefits of a Website Refresh

It’s tempting to build your website, set it and forget it. But keeping your website current and engaging is an important part of attracting and retaining visitors, and eventually, conversions. There are many benefits to refreshing your website and there are easy ways to do it without reinventing the wheel. Here are some benefits of giving your website a makeover.

  1. A website refresh gives you an opportunity to assess your visitor’s experience. You can make changes that will make your user’s experience more enjoyable. Remember that a user-friendly experience has a positive impact on your conversion rate.

  2. Changing your website content can boost your search rankings. New content has a positive impact on your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) which will make you easier to find online.

  3. Updating your website visuals allows you to keep your website modern and inviting; and it can reinforce your branding.

  4. Periodic website updates also allow you to keep up with competitors and incorporate relevant trends. This will show that you are “in the know” of what’s going on in your industry.

What To Consider

  • Some easy changes to consider include:

  • Refreshing outdated content

  • Swapping out old images

  • Updating your color pallet if your branding has changed

  • Rotating base colors and highlights; and

  • Adding call to action buttons on each page

You should also make sure that your website is optimized for mobile users since many people are now viewing content on the go through their phones or other mobile devices.

What Pages to Update

Since your homepage is considered your virtual storefront, you’ll want to start there. Make sure that it is welcoming and reflects your brand. Also, make sure that you are showcasing your offerings, highlighting important information that tells consumers why they need your products and services. Be sure to add new content to your blog page regularly. Blogs are your opportunity to share long-form content that shows your knowledge and experience and can reflect that you are a subject matter expert in your industry. Finally, double-check your contact information to ensure that the information is accurate, and consumers can easily connect with you.

When to Refresh

At a minimum, you’ll want to refresh your website twice per year. However, refreshes can be ongoing when you add new products and services, or blog content to your website. Other times to update your website is when you know you have outdated content, if you see a high bounce rate, or when there’s long periods of declining website traffic.

There are many ways to draw consumers to your brand, one way is through your website. Remember, a website is like a key part of your digital footprint. It needs to be inviting, engaging, and user-friendly. Your website also needs to be up-to-date, and accurate. These are all factors that will keep customers coming and returning to your website regularly. Use these tips to decide what content to update, what pages to focus on, and when to make updates to your website.

Check out this short video of my client website refresh: Shane Murray Enterprises Website Refresh. Contact me to explore how Harmon Business Consulting can help you refresh you online presence.


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